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Other Services

Music Classes

In certain areas, Sonus offers group lessons and music classes in subjects such as music history, music appreciation, and music theory. 

Student Recordings

If you're in need of a professional audio or video recording for any sort of application or project, Sonus can assist you. For an additional fee, we can provide a professional accompanist.


Particularly aimed toward high schoolers and college level music students, we offer tutoring to supplement courses in music at your school or university.

Audition Tapes

Whether you are auditioning for a job or show or you're applying to school, Sonus has professional equipment and experts to guide you through the process of preparing your Audition Videos or Audio Recordings.

College Prep

For those looking to apply to music school, look no further. We can help you with your college application and audition materials. Once you're granted an audition, we will make sure you show up prepared.

Homeschooler Resources

Two of our instructors were homeschooled themselves, and understand the value of courses offered in specialized fields. We offer music courses specifically catered to homeschool families and co-ops.

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