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Studio Policies



Parental/Adult Student Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure student arrives on time and prepared for lessons, virtually or in person

  2. Make regular/timely tuition payments based on chosen payment schedule (see Tuition) 

  3. Provide a playable instrument for student, paying for repairs when necessary

  4. Provide a functional environment for virtual lessons if needed (i.e. dependable and charged laptop or phone, access to FaceTime or Zoom, internet connection, etc.)

  5. Create an environment where practicing is encouraged (30 min. per day for beginners, 45 min. per day for intermediate students, one hour or more for advanced students)

  6. Cancel lessons within the 24 hr. cancellation period (see Attendance Policy)


Student Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare for all lessons with sufficient practice and complete assigned work

  2. Bring your instrument (where applicable), books, and materials to all lessons

  3. Maintain and care for your instrument


Teacher Responsibilities:

  1. Provide the highest quality of private musical instruction through various teaching methods, materials, music, and literature

  2. Provide weekly lessons according to student’s lesson package or tuition rate

  3. Arrive on time and prepared for lessons, virtually or in person

  4. Prepare student for all auditions, competitions, festivals, ensembles, and recitals

  5. Prepare college-bound students for entrance auditions and exams




Students must provide 24 hours advance notice of missing a lesson, or the lesson will be forfeited. Lesson reschedules are at the discretion of the teacher, who can choose to do one of the following:

  1. Not make up the lesson, due to the loss of potential income and time

  2. Reschedule within fourteen days of the missed lesson

  3. Reschedule the missed lesson to the end of the lesson package




Teachers reserve the right to reschedule lessons due to the following reasons:

  1. Illness, injury, or emergency (personal or family member)

  2. Death in the family




Depending on each individual teacher, students will have the opportunity to choose monthly or lesson packages, or semester tuition rates. Payment is accepted through the individual teacher’s PayPal, or an otherwise agreed upon payment type with the teacher. 


Regardless of payment schedule chosen, tuition rates for ALL teachers at Sonus School of Music are as follows:  

    $30 per ½ Hour Session

    $45 per 45 Minute Session

    $60 per Hour Session




If a student must withdraw from lessons at Sonus School of Music, 30 days notice is required on the 1st of the month, or 1 month’s payment is required. 


Each teacher reserves the right to remove a student at any time under the following circumstances:

  1. Poor attendance

  2. Consecutive late lesson payments or missed payments

  3. Lack of appropriate participation or preparedness

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