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Musical Family Activities

Here are some fun ideas to get the whole family involved in learning more about music, without your instrument!

- Pick a fun dinner theme, and find matching music to listen to! As an example, for an Italian dinner night with pasta or pizza, you could listen to Italian composers' music such as Vivaldi, Rossini, and Paganini.

- See amazing video recordings of orchestral performances from the comfort of your own home, either on Youtube or elsewhere. Try looking up the Berlin Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, and many other fantastic orchestras to find a perfect way to wind down after a long day. Or try to go to a concert in person!

- Try composing a piece together as a family! Find instruments from around your house (pots and pans, bottles, ripping pieces of paper, etc.), and bring them together for lots of fun sounds and laughter!

- There's nothing wrong with a good old game of Musical Chairs. :)

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